Our story

Like all great stories, ours was inspired by a passion. We wanted to bring the gaming lifestyle to everyone.

To celebrate unique designs and clean aesthetics. So gamers could create the perfect personalized battlestation at just the right price.

Because we’re gamers too.

We first noticed the market was filled with black RGB led mouse pads. But what about for those that had a white wintry theme.. like us?

And that is when our very first mouse pad was introduced .. a white RGB led mouse pad designed with aesthetics and function as its core principles.

Because we fell in love with PC gaming for the amazing variety it offers, the great graphics, and the chance to completely customize our experience through the gear we choose.

By switching up our style with colors and RGB lights, and finding the perfect ergonomic designs, we can reflect our individuality.


Top gear, great prices

We quickly realized that the gaming world of accessories was split in two: gear that was priced so high it was almost unattainable, and cheap accessories of questionable quality.

But what if you wanted great-looking accessories that actually helped you improve your game?

Whether gaming is your hobby or your lifestyle, you deserve fair prices and high-performance gear. Powerful, colorful, and precision-designed to give you a better experience. Combining elite functionality and creative flair without the jaw-dropping prices.


Designed for performance

We work meticulously on new designs to bring you something different. Every single product is carefully crafted and personally tested to surprise and surpass expectations. So you get premium quality and high-performance accessories that complement both work and play.

There’s no paradox of choice here. We’ve curated a streamlined collection focused on those key items that offer superior design and so it’s never been easier to upgrade your game.

Rukario started with a passion to bring the gamer lifestyle to everyone. And today we’re proud to be helping you get the most out of every element of your battlestation.